Seemingly Insane

Gimme Red!

its fun to be on prod support….. get up early.. fresh air.. you dont have to travel by the bus..rather stick out your head thru the window and feel the cool breeze on your face.. as i was lost in my dreams of doing this everyday, the voice of the driver startled me… ‘Not very good drivers no, these pallavan bus drivers?’. ‘Yeah, not too great’. ‘i read about the accidents last evening at XXX place. Pathetic’. ‘Yeah, well people dont care here.’.and then he went on about how people here take things very lightly and dont stand up, blah blah blah.. and then i got his fix-all idea. ‘In our state kerala, we dont do things like this. if we have a problem, we STRIKE! nothing works on a day of strike. no car, no bus, not even cycles!’ i was like ok, red kerala and wb are known for using strikes to put off doing work. ‘You must also do such things you know? Go on a strike. dont work for a day or two. even for days together.then ppl will become allright.’ to me it seemed like typical commie bullshit..

i’m not one of those people who says not everyone is equal and stuff but i do not understand why people have to strike at the drop of a hat. and this fellow was actually ‘advising’ us to take action. thanks but no thanks. he was pretty proud that it worked! well, one thing i dont want to do is strike. though i do admit, i’m not doing my bit to make my system work. me culpa. but no strikes damn it. i just hate the idea of people trying to not work and make others not to as well. enough evidence of this with two bank employees at home. ‘why are you on a strike mom ?”huh, the union wants us to da. they say it’ll help us in the long run’ ‘long run? but its a one day lop isnt it?’

‘yeah it is’ my tired father says. ‘ok so you’re able to afford it and you’ll agree to the strike. but what about the poor sub-staff fellow who has to work everyday and needs everydays salary?'(me really affected by the commie bug!) father- ‘listen, let me do my work in peace. and dont act like those damn union idiots. we cant talk against them. it’ll be difficult if we go against them. we’ll be caught in no mans land with noone to help us if i get transferred to say some rampur in bihar where dacoits will come to the bank and demand ‘loans’ from me! you want that to happen? it happened to my friend and he got shot at for having refused some thakur! now shut up and go’ back to reality, all that striking bit seems absolute bullshit now.. it did sound that way back then too!


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