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The Rat Race

Its that time fo the year again. When rats of all kinds wiggle out of their holes and sniff the air for possible bits of the tasty India. Yep. Elections are in the air. Every two-bit politico worth or not of his name announces his grand plan to take the country down the path of slavery and ridicule. And to ensure that atleast five new Swiss bank accounts are created. If only they knew how worthless it is to put money in there now. Per a little birdie, balances are only for show and tell. Can’t withdraw right now.

With the fall in the markets the Swiss have had their share. Wish PC announced another VDS scheme now to bring back all that money. Its much safer here and given the staggering amounth thats lodged in those banks, it would be a great boost to the economy if even a part of that money is invested in country in these cash strapped times. That this is a great time for infra-spending and floating bonds for such and raising capital from people who would invest in country is obvious. For NRI’s given the high Re-USD exchange rates these days, it would a wise investment. But who will do that. Not that I know better finance than PC but still….

In other news.. A nice day long trip to the Big Apple was nice. Topped with a visit to HSB. Man sambhar vadai never tasted this good before 🙂 This is a place I would like to return to. Once in winter, maybe in December and once in summer. For now its bye bye NY 🙂 Well thats the end of week at S with J playing a gracious host. A million thanks for that. Back to school and good ol’ T! And sunshine. Man how much have I missed that this past week. Amazing how people live without sun for days on end. Weird. I remember my German teacher telling us how people would flock to the North Sea beachfronts in Germany during summer. Imagine!

Like I’ve said earlier, waiting at the airport with kids is so much better than giving company to grouchy grandmas giving you stares 🙂 Watching them jumping around telling mommy mommy theres a plane there. one here is so much fun! 🙂

Sun in Detroit. Man its such a big mood changer. Hungry Howies is too though we wont mention it 🙂 I’m writing with a lot many more smileys on the BB! Not sure why. Is it just a case of different platforms and styles or does it signify something much deeper. Not sure.. Anyone out there that knows me? Can you tell? Could it be cos of a mind set free from the Matrix!