Seemingly Insane



First domestic trip within the US and almost missed the darn flight 🙂 That was a good lesson learnt – never ever schedule an early morning flight again 🙂 Reached the airport for checkin at 7.20 for a flight at 7.50! Hows that for being prompt 😉 To say that my jaw dropped when the lady at the counter said that I was late by a minute for checkin and that I couldn’t get on the flight is an understatement. More like being jerked alert in class when you were blissfully half asleed with not a care in teh world 🙂

And then it nearly hit the floor when she said she could reschedule me for another flight for a hundred bucks. That was so reassuring to hear first thing in the morning! I guess my appearance was such that she took pity and decided to take a chance at letting me board the same flight. After the gratuitous acceptance of two akkas of northwest, I made it into the plane just in time for the air-hostess to exclaim, well you made it just in time. She closed the door after I stepped in. Well atleast this wasn’t the first such experience. Wasn’t much unlike the other night searching the trichy bus stand for a bus to madurai at 2 in the morning with an uncle. Anyway, settled in and promptly dozed off. Up at 6 is tough 🙂

A sudden realisation later when i was wide awake and realised i’d slept all of 40 minutes and had more than two hrs to wile away. Had I not been in such peach of health when i travelled to the us, I would have been mightily bored trying to spend the nearly 27 hrs. Dozing off helped, thanks to cold n fever. Never have I taken such a view of such struggles 🙂

However, in all of these moments of high strung drama one had to admire that God is indeed generous to have positioned members of the opposite sex charmingly favourably disposed to strike a conversation zuerst on the bus when I was expressly thinking of ways to kick my own behind for oversleeping and then much later on the flight. Providence that she was german and I could speak in that language with someone after years? He does move in mysterious ways 🙂 Wish I can make a trip to that country later on. Pipedream as of now.

At times, when you’d rather be left alone and spend time contemplating, you’d tend to notice little things that are hardly given a moments thought. Kids jumping up and down crying ‘mommy, mommy aeroplane’ when at the huge glass windows in the airport. Such unbridled excitement with big shiny things never ever leave you. And kids like this, remind you of them should you do so.

Of course, when theres good, theres bad. For a journey that would cost all of 30 bucks, the taxi driver propositioned to drive me there for 300. He was from delhi. Enuff said. Our autowallah budhi never seems to leave us. But years spent in madras deciphering the hints that the autodrivers give when trying to fleece you, does give you a certain knack of smelling anything fishy.

All things said, there are pleasures in life to be enjoyed. Such as driving down the highway in a mustang at hundred. An SLR would be a higher pleasure though. One more thing in the to-do list in life I’d say.

Been immersing myself in the Masters music for a while now. When I build my own house later on, in which I’ll build a library, I’ll devote an entire shelf for the Masters work! Promise.

— The blackberry is awesome to note down stuff 🙂


A new year, a new beginning

Yep. Thats how it is. After a particularly disastrous year for the country, though a pretty good year on the personal front, its been a good new beginning for 2009.

Its been more than a year that I’ve posted anything here, mainly due to blogging at work. Since i’ve moved on, its time to get back to putting up my ramblings here.

Smile Please!!

after a mad dash from work to home and then to the airport, i was finally making my way to the lounge on the first floor. was very fidgety that night.. was making my way to singapore to present my paper the next morning and wasnt quite sure if i’d be able to get any sleep. had hardly prepared for it.. was thinking of all the profs and ap’s who be there to pose questions and i wondered if i’d be able to answer even one.. god why did V have to back out late in the day, i thought.. lost in my own world, i made my way up to the first floor for the security check and the long wait for the flight. the fellow in front of my looked like the typical business traveller.. formal wear, laptop bag on one shoulder, another bag on the other.. glasses loose on the bridge of his nose.. he made his way to the top of the line and the security fellow asked him to step up for the check.. disinterested he might have been but the way he looked at the security person made me sick.. as if he was looking at some insect, was what came to my mind.. the kind of attitude some ppl show is enough for us sometimes to hate them.. this person was a perfect candidate. the securitywalah had noticed it too and i could see from his reaction that he wasnt too pleased.. i stepped up and gave him a big smile! his face brightened instantly.. he seemed to get better by that.. gave him a punch on the shoulder and kept moving.. he seemed pleased and so was i.. see, thats all it takes to perk somebody up.. so next time, you’re in a line, dont frown.. have a big smile on your face.. if not your own, least you can do is make someone else’s day better!

Elfchen – Der Herz

Der Herz,
Mein Herz brennt,
Ich kann nicht leiden,

Gimme Red!

its fun to be on prod support….. get up early.. fresh air.. you dont have to travel by the bus..rather stick out your head thru the window and feel the cool breeze on your face.. as i was lost in my dreams of doing this everyday, the voice of the driver startled me… ‘Not very good drivers no, these pallavan bus drivers?’. ‘Yeah, not too great’. ‘i read about the accidents last evening at XXX place. Pathetic’. ‘Yeah, well people dont care here.’.and then he went on about how people here take things very lightly and dont stand up, blah blah blah.. and then i got his fix-all idea. ‘In our state kerala, we dont do things like this. if we have a problem, we STRIKE! nothing works on a day of strike. no car, no bus, not even cycles!’ i was like ok, red kerala and wb are known for using strikes to put off doing work. ‘You must also do such things you know? Go on a strike. dont work for a day or two. even for days together.then ppl will become allright.’ to me it seemed like typical commie bullshit..

i’m not one of those people who says not everyone is equal and stuff but i do not understand why people have to strike at the drop of a hat. and this fellow was actually ‘advising’ us to take action. thanks but no thanks. he was pretty proud that it worked! well, one thing i dont want to do is strike. though i do admit, i’m not doing my bit to make my system work. me culpa. but no strikes damn it. i just hate the idea of people trying to not work and make others not to as well. enough evidence of this with two bank employees at home. ‘why are you on a strike mom ?”huh, the union wants us to da. they say it’ll help us in the long run’ ‘long run? but its a one day lop isnt it?’

‘yeah it is’ my tired father says. ‘ok so you’re able to afford it and you’ll agree to the strike. but what about the poor sub-staff fellow who has to work everyday and needs everydays salary?'(me really affected by the commie bug!) father- ‘listen, let me do my work in peace. and dont act like those damn union idiots. we cant talk against them. it’ll be difficult if we go against them. we’ll be caught in no mans land with noone to help us if i get transferred to say some rampur in bihar where dacoits will come to the bank and demand ‘loans’ from me! you want that to happen? it happened to my friend and he got shot at for having refused some thakur! now shut up and go’ back to reality, all that striking bit seems absolute bullshit now.. it did sound that way back then too!

Have you ever…………

Have you ever felt the need to …….
walk barefoot on grass early in the morning??
laze on the beach and watch the sun go down??
run through the meadows..
just get away from it all…

Idhu Nalla Combeny!

i sometimes wonder how some ppl can be so shallow… would you do anything for money? is money everything ? if you were given a suitcase full of money would you be ready to endorse any product.. and take the word of the company at face value.. without even trying to ascertain the truth.. the truth!! well.. not even top labs in the country are arguing as to whose results are genuine. if you’re still wondering as to what i’m talking about, well the new ads by the cola company thats got me bugged.

the actors prance around in the factories and spilling out figures.. they might even be true.. but when the whole country and esp the scientific community is still undecided about the presence of impurities and pesticides in colas, what do these ppl do? go out and act out ads glorifying these drinks.. what would the common man whos illeterate do? he thinks the world of his fav actor/actress.. he’d go on and keep drinking those damn colas.. whatever happens to him, the actor/actress are absolutely unconcerned.. they’ve got their bags full..err suitcases full..

actors/press personnel, these ppl are very visible in society and no matter what they say, their words do have a say in people’s minds.. esp ppl who cant really see the difference.. and going about endorsing or debunking products without being in the least capable of being able to judge the same, they should rather consider consider keeping their …….. shut!