Seemingly Insane

wandering thoughts

As i recline in my chair i ponder over many things in life. as my mind wanders about i think of the sea shore. waves fuelled by strong winds crashing into the huge boulders. i laugh at them. foolish things, these waves… but i pause. i ponder. are they really? i look about. at the smooth rock faces around me. and i realise that it is me who is unwise. these waves, crashing again and again onto the rocks. unrelenting in their effort. keep at it come rain or sunshine. and in the end wear down those big strong boulders. i cant help but look within myself and the question arises – am i as persevering as these waves??.. in whatever i do?? knowing fully well the answer that my mind will hurl in return i move on… but i pause again.. i laugh at myself.. not in a thousand years… these waves arent living things. they dont have anything else to think about.. they dont have a family. they dont even act on their own.. they are brought about only because of the strong winds.. but why do they seem to hold my thoughts then??i try to make some sense of these thoughts.. i give up… listen to some beethoven… beethoven has the answer to my confused state!!! HE tells me.. life isnt just about ones objective…. rather the manner in which one lives AND achieves his goal. one without the other makes it a total waste of time…ah one melts into his music.. to think he was deaf when he composed! he shows me the way… life is about realising what you want… what you dont…. and how you want to get it….stop confusing yourself…. you’re doing great…. just keep at it…. if you like doing what you’re doing then you wont even question the effort that you put in… because then it wont be an effort at all. rather fun. something you enjoy doing.. thats what life is all about….. look at the sea again… you dont see it churning.. you see the sun reflecting of the surface.. glistening and sparkling… a sense of peace… with onself….. thats when you realise that you have been yourself and got what you’ve wanted all your life!


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