Seemingly Insane

Smile Please!!

after a mad dash from work to home and then to the airport, i was finally making my way to the lounge on the first floor. was very fidgety that night.. was making my way to singapore to present my paper the next morning and wasnt quite sure if i’d be able to get any sleep. had hardly prepared for it.. was thinking of all the profs and ap’s who be there to pose questions and i wondered if i’d be able to answer even one.. god why did V have to back out late in the day, i thought.. lost in my own world, i made my way up to the first floor for the security check and the long wait for the flight. the fellow in front of my looked like the typical business traveller.. formal wear, laptop bag on one shoulder, another bag on the other.. glasses loose on the bridge of his nose.. he made his way to the top of the line and the security fellow asked him to step up for the check.. disinterested he might have been but the way he looked at the security person made me sick.. as if he was looking at some insect, was what came to my mind.. the kind of attitude some ppl show is enough for us sometimes to hate them.. this person was a perfect candidate. the securitywalah had noticed it too and i could see from his reaction that he wasnt too pleased.. i stepped up and gave him a big smile! his face brightened instantly.. he seemed to get better by that.. gave him a punch on the shoulder and kept moving.. he seemed pleased and so was i.. see, thats all it takes to perk somebody up.. so next time, you’re in a line, dont frown.. have a big smile on your face.. if not your own, least you can do is make someone else’s day better!


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