Seemingly Insane

Idhu Nalla Combeny!

i sometimes wonder how some ppl can be so shallow… would you do anything for money? is money everything ? if you were given a suitcase full of money would you be ready to endorse any product.. and take the word of the company at face value.. without even trying to ascertain the truth.. the truth!! well.. not even top labs in the country are arguing as to whose results are genuine. if you’re still wondering as to what i’m talking about, well the new ads by the cola company thats got me bugged.

the actors prance around in the factories and spilling out figures.. they might even be true.. but when the whole country and esp the scientific community is still undecided about the presence of impurities and pesticides in colas, what do these ppl do? go out and act out ads glorifying these drinks.. what would the common man whos illeterate do? he thinks the world of his fav actor/actress.. he’d go on and keep drinking those damn colas.. whatever happens to him, the actor/actress are absolutely unconcerned.. they’ve got their bags full..err suitcases full..

actors/press personnel, these ppl are very visible in society and no matter what they say, their words do have a say in people’s minds.. esp ppl who cant really see the difference.. and going about endorsing or debunking products without being in the least capable of being able to judge the same, they should rather consider consider keeping their …….. shut!


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