Seemingly Insane

Highway Action!!!

’twas like any other morning, in the bus gazing at the IT highway. How different it appears now, from the way it was six years back when i accompanied my mother to her office. Green palms lining the narrow stretch of road. The entire stretch appeared bleak with barely any traffic. It was OMR then…..And now… As i look out from my bus, i see the chaos it has become. Traffic snarls and poor road condition.
These were the thoughts that were clouding my mind as i noticed a small girl standing on the median, in her blue and white school uniform laden with her schoolbag. Her lunch in one hand and the other waving freely in the air, she jumped down from the median. I looked up and saw a couple of fellows riding their Pulsar, barrelling down the road. It all happened in slow motion. The girl jumped right in front of the bike. The guy riding the bike was up to it. He turned the handlebar, swerved and braked. The bike skidded sideways just like in the movies with the bike and the rider on their sides. As the duo skidded across the tarmacadam, the rider lithly moved into position and jumped off the bike as it rammed into a stationary autorickshaw and stopped.

The rider was unhurt and he turned to look at the girl. She was crying now, being consoled by passersby. The rider thanked his stars and rode off. And my bus moved away from the scene.


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