Seemingly Insane

DIYA “Illuminating Lives”

It has often been a flippant remark of the grey haired citizens of our country and for that matter, the whole world that the youth are not what they used to be during their times. Sadly, they do not realise that today’s youth are though unremorseful in yielding to materialistic lifestyles, display a certain drive to make not only their own lives better, but rather that of other not-so-fortunate people too. In that regard, has developed a kind of a peer network that is based on the networking among students to try and bring about a change in the lives of the “forgotten” people of this country.
What started off as an idea in an idle mind in the middle of a Power System lecture now has found appreciation across nearly hundred plus students who are more than eager to help others who have not been gifted with some sort of an education or a family. Thus, was formed DIYA, the goal of which is, realistically,to uplift people and to illuminate the lives of as many possible. In order to avoid what normally befalls traditional kind of such organisations, DIYA has been developed as a strictly informal group that depends on students, their friends and friends of friends and the like. Within a short period of time, we as part of DIYA have managed to bring happiness into the lives of a few little kids who for one thing, do not need to be exposed to the harsh realities of life no sooner than they have to.
For this sole concern, do we request contributions from everyone however large or small they may be because it goes a long way in helping an otherwise needy human being. All members of this group pitch in with their efforts not for any personal intentions other than to see the faces of the people who are helped light up in delight and thence warm our hearts. That shall be the force that drives us all.For more details, you can check out the website


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